The Scoreboard ® includes background questions (job related regarding alcohol, drugs and theft) and behavior for entry-level and hourly rate jobs where Mental aptitudes are not deemed critical. Part I is comprised of direct-admissions questions regarding the applicant’s prior use of alcohol or drugs on the job, or theft on the job. Part II measures the applicant’s personality traits (behaviors) as they relate to the requirements of the job.

Takes about 20 minutes to complete.

What It Is

The Scoreboard assessment measures the following ten personality dimensions exhibited within an individual as they relate to the job description the individual is being assessed for:

- energy and drive level; how tension and stress are handled

Flexibility - integrity, reliability, dependability and work ethics

Organization - ability to plan and utilize time wisely

Communication - individual's desire to meet and interact with people

Emotional Development - level of self-confidence and ability to handle pressure

Assertiveness - whether a person is a leader or a follower

Competitiveness - whether a person is team-spirited or individualistically competitive

Mental Toughness - ability to persevere and deal with obstacles in life without giving up

Questioning/Probing - desire to ask questions and probe

Motivation - whether person is security-motivated or recognition, incentive and commission oriented

The Scoreboard assessment report contains the following segments:

• The narrative segment, which briefly explains each aptitude and personality dimension that is being assessed in the report and how the individual has scored in each, compared to the job.

• A pictorial analysis comparing the individual's actual scores to the desirable benchmarks2 for the job. These benchmarks may be derived for an individual company based on their own successful people in the job, derived based on the job description, or the person can be assessed against Candidate Resources' database of people who are successful in those jobs.

Who's It For

The Scoreboard is for skilled, semi-skilled, technical, basic entry level, administrative and a variety of other jobs where it is important that the individual hired for the job have the behavioral traits are required in the successful performance of the job, but the job itself does not call for as comprehensive and in-depth assessment as the Achiever, which includes mental aptitudes.

Benchmarks are the aptitudes, traits and their levels required by a job. 

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