Effectively managing human capital requires an organization to have all available information. Unfortunately, the employee selection and management process is too often clouded by bias, subjectivity and incomplete information. Employers using The Achiever Family of Assessments can rest assured that they have reliable information about their candidates abilities, tailored to their industry and role. In the 50 years that the Achiever Family of Assessments has been in continuous use, we are aware of no instances of adverse impact against protected groups or claims relating to the invasion of privacy. Given the strict validation process followed in the development of the instrument, and the ongoing concurrent validation, a lack of adverse impact should not be surprising.


The Achiever Family of Hiring Assessments are customized to each job, so we guarantee the accuracy of our results. Our tailored approach has made Personnel Profiles, Inc. a trusted partner for HR professionals across a wide range of industries. Learn more about each of our assessments or contact us to get started today! 

Benefits also include:

  • Providing a clear basis for comparison with other candidates
  • Yielding a comparison of abilities with those required by the job
  • Generating questions to ask in an interview
  • Introducing objectivity into the selection process
  • Providing evidence of due diligence in the event of litigation
  • Deriving benchmarks of successful performers
  • Developing specific training and development programs
  • Giving insight to managers on how to best manage subordinates
  • Revealing an individual’s true talents


While testing has a long history of providing employers with valuable, objective insight into an individual’s likelihood to succeed in a particular role (and are now used widely across many top organizations), not all tests are equally adept at providing the information an employer may need. The Achiever Family of Assessments offers a suite of job-specific tests as customized assessments for the most comprehensive understanding of a candidate.

Excluding specific skills tests and honesty/integrity tests, most employers that use testing want to know about an individual’s mental abilities and personality traits.

The hundreds of stand-alone personality tests available can’t provide a complete picture of an individual without taking into consideration how that person’s mental abilities interact with his or her personality.

Adding to the confusion are the scoring scenarios implemented by the test developers, which often include a single score or pass/fail scoring system. While easy to interpret, such scoring systems often lead to over-reliance on test results and potential litigation concerns.


At Personnel Profiles we realize the importance of having one instrument that includes both mental and personality measurement, plus a scoring system that is not subject to the concerns of the pass/fail methods. We call this the 3-Factor Analysis, and The Achiever Family of Assessments is proud to have been the first company in America to develop and debut an instrument which included all 3 critical test elements.

In addition to our standard 3-factor analysis, you benefit from a suite of job-specific assessments including report features such as:

  • Narrative segment explaining each aptitude and personality dimension being assessed for a specific role, and how the individual scored in each
  • Pictorial analysis comparing the individual’s scores to the desirable benchmarks established for each corresponding role
  • Customized interview questions that can be used in follow-up interview situations to further validate fit
  • Personal development suggestions based on aptitudes and behaviors required to successfully perform any given role