Consulting Services

The principals of Personnel Profiles, Inc. have over a 100 years of experience in business while previously serving in roles in operations management, engineering, sales and, human resources. Our multi-disciplined approach to solving problems over the years has enabled us to create value for our clients through strategic investments made in their people. The competencies gained in our experience enable us to deliver solutions in the following areas:

  • Leadership – Assist leadership in developing their mission, vision, core values and strategy.

  • Organizational Structure – Properly align resources to execute the business strategy and hold the organization accountable for results.

  • Employment – Improve methods in; Employment Branding, Recruiting, Selection, On Boarding, and Employee Retention.

  • Training & Development – Invest in training and development of management that is employee focused and performance driven.

  • Employee Engagement – Survey employees to learn more about how to invest time and resources in better engaging employees.

  • Performance Management – Five Keys to Accountability, Time Management, Performance Metrics, Employee Evaluations.